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Clockwork Dog presents: Langstroth's Last Riddle

Step into the world of Alfred Langstroth, an eccentric collector of rare antiques and historical artefacts. After his recent passing, all of the items in his shop will be bequeathed to relatives or are to be sold, all except one very exceptional item… an object, legend has it, of awesome power.

Langstroth’s Last Riddle is a captivating hour long live ‘escape room’ style adventure game for groups of 2-5 players.

Contenders will need to use logic, lateral thinking and have their wits about them in order to solve the riddle he has left within his old antiques shop: The Bee's Sneeze. Amongst his collection, he has left clues and connived devious puzzles which will eventually lead to the artefact's location, so you need to look closely, leave no stone unturned and be quick about it - Langstroth specified contenders may only have an hour to complete the challenge.


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Clockwork Dog are a brand new company specialising in short-term ‘Escape Room’ style games based in site-specific locations: existing spaces already full of character and atmosphere. Inspired by the location, they formulate an immersive adventure game to be played by small groups of two to five. Plunged into another world, participants will need to work as a team to solve a number of riddles and puzzles before the time runs out.


Langstroth's Last Riddle takes place at The Bee's Sneeze on Green Lanes: